Sensor de Remplazo RED para CO para Microclip


Como centro de servicio técnico autorizado tenemos todas las refacciones para la linea de monitores de Gas Bw Technologies. Aquí presentaremos solo las mas vendidas

Compatible con todas las series:

Microclip, Microclip XT, Microclip XL, Microclip X3

MICROceL CO - Carbon Monoxide 

Performance Characteristics: 


Nominal Range: 0-100ppm

Maximum Overload: 1000ppm

Expected Operating Life: Two years in Air

Output Signal: 0.105 ± 0.025 µA/ppm

Resolution: 0.2ppm

Temperature Range: -40°C to +50°C

Pressure Range: Atmospheric ± 10%

T50 Response Time: <10 seconds

T90 Response Time: 25 to 40 seconds typically

Relative Humidity Range: 15 to 90% non-condensing

Typical Baseline Range (pure air): -2 to +1ppm equivalent

Maximum Zero Shift (+20°C to +40°C): <0.2ppm equivalent

Long Term Output Drift: <5% signal loss/year

Recommended Load Resistor: 10Ω

Bias Voltage: Not required

Repeatability: <2% of signal

Output Linearity: Linear